Digital Collages and Letting Go

Can You Direct Me To Joy? Warning, Contains Joy.

I've always been quite a control freak when it comes to my art and creative endeavours. This can sometimes work to my detriment as I can get bogged down in the little details or overloaded with work that could be delegated out. I am very aware of this character flaw and have been going some way to addressing it recently. 

One of the forms this 'letting go' has taken have been digital collages. I've always shied away from digital manipulation of imagery, especially collage, preferring the 'purist' action of cutting out and sticking down. However I started to use a piece of software called Adobe Sparks something I had used a little before to create posters and graphics. Using the Beta action 'Remove Background' I found that the algorithm, or AI as I call it, chose which parts of the image to remove and which parts to keep. This process sometimes created interesting 'cut outs' which I then positioned into a composition.

I Still Can't Let You Go.

Without meaning to I had seeded control over part of my artistic process and it was actually enjoyable. One of the most beneficial aspects of using the software is I can create a collage wherever I am as long as I have access to my archive on dropbox or access to open source imagery. I've tried to use my own images in most of the collages so far, but have also created one using purely publicly available open access images below.


Beware The Lizard People.

 It's important to step outside of what we normally do as creators, to experiment and play. Often when I try new processes and mediums it increases my ability to tell a story and become a better artist.

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