WIP - Camberwell Base 2020

Yesterday was a productive day in the studio. I put the finishing touches to my first Impermanence painting 'Camberwell Base 2020'. It’s been a fluid and organic process with this piece, I applied paint and colour when it seemed right to highlight certain areas of the torn and weathered bill posters. I found some iridescent blue ink which really worked well when applied over the folds and features of the black and white imagery.

I painted to my favourite playlist which included Lawrence Rothmans #1 All Time Low which you can hear in the background of the above video. It's such an amazing track to paint to, I find that in music and painting combined I can lose myself for hours.

I’m glad I finished it as I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back to the studio due to the national lockdown coming into force this morning. I’ll attempt to keep creating from home with the acrylics and inks I managed to bring back. I finished off my time by rearranging my books and supplies, so that when I return everything is neat and tidy.

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