Work In Progress - Celebrating Impermanence

Age is looked upon as a flaw in todays society, the ageing process is something to be fought against, creams to be applied, surgical procedures to be undergone, fighting against the ageing process is to fight against life itself. Ageing is a gift, not everybody will reach the point where wrinkles grow and time weather's the features. Some will succumb to disease, accident or trauma of some kind.

The ageing process and impermanence of life itself is what draws me to the ruin and decay of objects, buildings and the inanimate. An obsession with the bubbled, tattered and ripped posters on the street, their colours faded, original imagery and wording distorted, they become something else, something more than their original purpose of impregnating product or service within our psyche. They become works of art, found paintings, testaments to the passing of time.

My new series of paintings aims to explore and highlight that transformational ageing process, to focus the viewers sight and mind onto the signs of times passing and celebrate them. Vivid colours mark the transformation of what was, moments of time are encased in each brush stroke, pigments imbued with the breath and dreams of billions sent into the ether.

Time is a precious commodity.

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