Kyun Ngui

Artist statement:

Kyun Ngui is an artist using photography to explore the world around him and as a means of self-expression and communication. He works in both digital and analogue formats. His works include street photography in colour and more recently, analogue black and white to explore the expressive
qualities of film.


Work statement:

“Prison time is slow time. You do what you can to keep going.” Red, The Shawshank Redemption.

I felt the same about lockdown time. Time slowed down and it made me notice ordinary household objects that I otherwise would not have, represented by “Still Life in Colour”. And making work with whatever was available was my way of keeping going during a challenging time, typified by “Facing
the Unknown”.

Still Life in Colour: speaks of noticing the small things and being grateful for them. Of how beauty can be found in the mundane. Of perspective and how you can view things in a positive light.

Facing the Unknown: taken during the height of the lockdown, it represents for me how unclear and uncertain things were, and still are, generally and personally.


Links to websites and Instagram 

Instagram: @Kyun.pic

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