About Adam


Adam Lucy is an autodidact multi-faceted contemporary artist living and practicing between London and creative coastal hub Margate. His work occupies a space of revelation, exploring and experimenting by peeling back layers of memory and time. Predominantly using the mediums of acrylic paint, photographic transfer and stitching with yarn but also not afraid to utilise performance, Adams practice is one of experimentation and cross pollination of artistic traditions.

Adams' artistic and poetic work showcases a need to reinterpret his past to gain a new and deeper understanding of his present. His continual exploration of the hidden or forgotten is a reclamation of history and translates into a substantial body of work around deep human emotion such as grief, loss, social injustice, and shared lived experience.

As an artist, Adam continues to push the boundaries of his craft, constantly evolving and experimenting with new techniques, he invites us to embrace the profound fragility of memory and confront the universal human experience of grief and loss. Through his art he asks us all to reflect, heal and find solace in the fragments of our shared pasts.

‘Memory is fragile, ethereal and ever changing. Our past is rarely how we remember it. I want to remember.’