About Adam

Born in South London in the early 80s Adam moved around the country as a child and teenager, before settling back in the capital in the late 1990s. His experience of continual displacement and a number of life changing occurrences have contributed to a plethora of lived experience to artistically draw on. Losing his father in his late teens profoundly affected him and his subsequent journey into the arts. He is a vocal activist for the rights of the under represented and openly embraces his queerness.

Adams work occupies a space of revelation. Whether that is exploring and experimenting with physical barriers or the peeling back of layers of memory and time. Adams artistic and poetic work showcases a need to expose his past to gain a new and deeper understanding of his present. His continual exploration of the hidden or forgotten is a reclamation of his history. This genuine need to understand himself and the world around him translates into a substantial body of work around deep human emotion and experience. 


‘Artistic creation and expression to me is almost a path of spiritual progression, I want to use all available mediums to connect with others and to create something meaningful and true.’