Rosie Hook

Artist statement:


Rosie’s practice combines the principles of sculpture with the possibilities of technology to create immersive, sensory visuals. She approaches her subject matter not as individual elements but as a tension between material and the immaterial, sourcing content that can be manipulated and morphed by its surrounding environments. Using digital methods she translates natural materials into abstracted digital realities.


Work statement:

Rosie’s work explores uncertainties of the material world, challenging our conventional knowledge of spatial and temporal representation. Through a metaphorical exploration of the unknown environment of the deep sea and unexplored land , she seeks alternative visual and biological realities by digitally abstracting materials to create digital biomorphic forms inspired by deep sea imagery and botanical references. These forms counter conventional perception to uncover new/alternative visual realities; synthetic-organic and digital-real.

The uncertainty that follows COVID has created a continually shifting and
delicate reality. Rosie’s work echoes our current unpredictable environment through the distortion of natural elements, sourced from that available within the confines of an isolated home during lock down.


Links to websites and Instagram 

Instagram: @rosie_hook

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