Chronos Exhibition - Sao Paulo

26 MARCH - 16 APRIL 2022
Mon - Sat: 1 - 7pm
Sat 26 March 2022: 6 - 10pm
Rua Pelotas 400, Vila Mariana, SAO PAULO - BRAZIL
Curated by Juliana Lauletta
Past, present and future. The concept of time is familiar to everyone. And even though it is not something we can touch, see or taste, we can measure its passage using clocks and calendars. We follow the rising and falling of the sun and track the seasons coming and going. Yet we know that time is relative. It depends on the observer's perception. And its irreversibility is one of humanity's greatest unresolved questions.
Chronos exhibition explores the complex nature and passage of time; how we relate to the past, how it influences our actions in the present and how we deal with our expectations for the future. And invites viewers to reflect on our awareness of time, how we organize our lives around it, and also the way we experience it.

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