House Of Annetta Exhibition


01/11/2021 to 13/11/2021
House Of Annetta 
25 Princelet Street


Featured Artists​

Adam Lucy, Chris Pig, Emma Davies, Emma Lloyd, Henrietta Loades-Carter, Jenny Lopez Rateike, Kirsty Taylor, Lara Hailey, Laurence Conton, Nadia Zuberi, RasArt, Rosie Hook, Samantha English, Silvano Maxia, Stella


The House of Annetta is a 300 year old town house located near London's famous Brick Lane. Occupied by artist Annetta Pedretti in the last decades of her life and a base for art, activism and free thought, it now hosts a specially created selection of artworks by TAOI Collective artists inspired by the house and its history.
'The most prominent figure in its recent history, Annetta Pedretti can almost be heard, seen and felt within its rooms. Her energy still residing within its 5 stories. No place more so than the top floor, her main residence within the structure which she attempted to renovate over her years of habitation. This floor also contains her as of yet unarchived collection of work, clothing, books, photographs. A life unsorted.'


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