Adam Lucy

Artist statement:

I am nothing without my history.

My work occupies a space of revelation. Whether that is the removal of or exploration of a physical barrier, or the peeling back of layers of memory and time. My artistic and poetic work showcases a need to expose the past to gain a new and deeper understanding of the present. My continual exploration of the hidden or forgotten is a reclamation of my history. This genuine need to understand myself and the world around me translates into a substantial body of work around deep human emotion and experience.


Work statement:

Dry Run For A Relapse AKA The Safe Word Is Pineapple, April 2020′

Lockdown, Isolation, incarceration.

The first wave, it seemed an endless wave, came crashing down. Two weeks of self isolation and a constant digestion of daily death figures, inter-sped with bouts of creativity and video calls to my dispersed family and friends. The experience was a shared one, yet also deeply individual. I found my recovery of 9 years became central to this unprecedented moment of stillness,  masks I wore were cast aside and I was forced to look at who I am and where I wished to be.

I climbed naked into the bath, clothed only in a canvas mask, my face painted many years ago and an unopened bottle of wine for company. There lay the choice. The masked, unopened choice. Did I wish to feel the waves of fear, of uncertainty and sadness with a clear heart and mind or lose myself in deep red oblivion?


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