Laurence Conton

Artist statement:

I’m a London born artist/illustrator who imagines wicked beauty. My influences come from graffiti, anime and pop-culture. Using digital and fine art techniques I go back and forth from canvas to screen, and back again. She lives to make art from chaos, tech and drama.


Work statement:

As I sat down scrolling through timelines, observing the panic of a looming lockdown. I tried to be optimistic as that’s my nature. I thought it wouldn’t be so bad, everyone needs to chill. I think we were all sitting at home with a sense of disbelief and a touch of paranoia those first few days. Soon after I developed a cough… The realisation that it wasn’t something I couldn’t deny anymore, that it was all a bit real.

Still, with age barely on my side, my chances were good right?

My work throughout that period of quarantine reflects my sense of delusional tranquillity. The dark yet kind of familiar humanoid creature in this image could be me, or part of who I was post quarantine. I guess we’re all trying to stay relevant to who we are while slowly losing ourselves to the next normality.

Links to websites and Instagram

Instagram: @lozcoart

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