Emma Lilly Thomas

Artist statement:

I am an Artist recently focusing on pointillism using inks on card and acrylic on canvas. My work of present has a theme of spherical shapes, with a slight celestial concept. I have recently been experimenting with watercolour, which has added a freshness to my work. I see the sphere as a universal sign of life, there is no edge, there is no end. It is all a continuation. We cannot control life, for it is a moving ball of energy and no one knows truly what it is.


Work statement:

Warming- this piece represents how the world is currently. Broken. Pandemic ridden, suffering from a global climate change nightmare. Surrounded by environmental degradation and ecosystem destruction. Aside from this we have found unity, hope and optimism. Finding new ways to cope with the changes that surround us and our lives forcing us to live in the present. People in general seem kinder. So even out of something broken you can find something beautiful you just need to look closely.

Being able to focus on my art during lockdown was a savour. During lockdown I was isolating in Hertfordshire with my Father in his 80s. My concern was for him. I was unable to work in London so Hertfordshire turned into my home. Lucky I found some art supplies left over from my teen years of living at home and even paint brushes that we’re my Fathers. So I was able to create art while there. Now I have returned back to North East London having to fly the nest yet again. But going back to see my Father when I can.

Art gave me focus, which in turn gave me the clarity that I needed for what is important to me. Loved ones who I hold dear and art that keeps me sane.

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