Emma Davies

Artist statement:

Emma Davies is an academic psychologist and an artist.  She enjoys oil painting and printing collagraphs to depict texture, alongside colour and shape.  Emma finds peace in painting, where the harsh realities of our times feel more distant.

Work statement:

Wanstead Flats and the painting process became my solace in lockdown.  As my world narrowed, I observed more of the changing environment on my daily walks with the dog.  This image takes inspiration from the spaces that are left wild, which change almost daily in April.  Usually attracted to urban spaces, I found a stronger appreciation for the natural world.   The open space became more important to my sense of ground in my turbulent world.   This image also represents strength for me.  My elderly mum died a few weeks before I painted this.  As I started to move through the grief, the act of painting this made me feel stronger.  The outcome, particularly the structure of the painting and some of the frenetic mark making, still represents clawing back strength a few months later.


Links to websites and Instagram

Website: emmadaviesart.com


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