Emma Lloyd

Artist statement:

My work is driven by documentation and observation of the world around me, within this exists a visual diary to record my thoughts, feelings and memories. I combine text work with analogue photography and darkroom experimental techniques to distort my work and represent the more ominous emotions I feel.


Work statement:

This series experimented with how I could combine text work with my photography. I scanned in some darkroom contact sheets of 35mm photos I had taken from my time at university. It felt nostalgic to look at them but also very melancholic, as I knew I wouldn’t be returning to university again. I then wrote on top of them with layers of digital text.

I did this over lockdown whilst I was still undergoing the last stages of my degree coursework. It resulted in pieces which illustrate the build-up of increasing frustration and sadness I felt at this time. I used text to vent about the way my Fine Art degree at Loughborough University was ending, about missing loved ones and a whole other plethora of emotions that lockdown triggered. The photographs underneath are sentimental, representing exactly who I was missing, whilst the text emphasises these feelings and why I found lockdown so hard. The layering of text distorted the meaning of the writing, creating a body of words that are almost illegible, to me this highlights the overwhelming nature of
lockdown and isolation.


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Instagram: @ejlloydart

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