Jon R Green

Artist statement:

London based Artist and Photographer.

I mainly focus in tackling contemporary issues of culture, and personal life choices and experiences. My style of work pushes the boundaries that society places upon us, taking subjects and confronting taboos to execute creative and provocative tableaus inspiring deep thought and emotion.

Working as an Artist I believe that there are no limits to inspiration and content. I express my work mainly through painting and digital image. The myriad of techniques, fashions and concepts of the art world past and present are bought together and imprinted with my own unique flavour and twist.


Work statement:

2020 The new normal & Panic

These pieces were heavily influenced by the government guidelines on social distancing and the behaviour of people during the pandemic. In this current climate we are bombarded with one way systems and social distancing amongst other restrictions.

Panic draws inspiration from our behaviour in the supermarket. These items once perceived as everyday essentials that we normally take for granted, became iconic over night and disappeared off our shelves for weeks at a time. It reminded me of Pop Art influences on consumerism.

“Keeping away from each other” is something that does not come natural to our human instincts. The virus is calling on us to restrain our natural human impulses and desire for connection. The New Normal illustrates strict guidelines vs the controversial rule breakers. Every human act painted in red, seems a lifetime from becoming reality again. Not being allowed to hug others, no dating, no sex. No one predicted how long this was going to last for but over the last few months have seen people slowly disregard the warnings and rules.


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Instagram: @jrg.artistry

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