Jennifer Lopez-Rateike

Artist statement:

My art practice is influenced by intuitive art, the natural elements, alchemy and psychology, the uncanny and the remote. Drawing from the surreal and ritualistic roots of my Mexican cultural heritage, I aim to evoke a dreamy mental space of reflection. My work aims to bring together the imperceptible, the material and the ephemeral.


Work statement:

During lockdown, I self-isolated in Lyme Regis, a magical place in Dorset where I had never been before and where I never imagined I would be spending nearly five months in the midst of such strange times in the world. To my surprise, I found this place full of wonderful forces of nature and I felt in love with it. I’ve been always drawn to listening to nature and to get to understand their language and their spirit, there were empty streets but nature was so present, nature spoke to me, sometimes loudly sometimes softly, this painting is about the soothing warmth of fire which I have translated into colour, the warmth of home within ourselves or elsewhere, what it means to us, and the strength the propels us to keep going, the flame of life


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