Ione Milne

Artist statement:

I create large-scale acrylic paintings exploring the concept of ‘home’. Creating works with slowly built up layers of colour and texture, that are inspired by the individual people and places I encounter. I want to capture the way we use objects, colours, textures and memories to create our own physical, mental and emotional space.


Work statement:

With experience in Fine Art and Scenic Art colour and texture play a huge role in my connection to a place. The works I create are abstract still life paintings depicting human relationships and our relationship to ‘home’, through our connection to objects, patterns, colours and textures, the details within our lives, we shape our homes, emotions and create our sense of self. During the lockdown, I was isolated in my little London flat while my partner got stuck with his family in Spain, these nine weeks isolating alone were spent creating work around the objects within my flat and my home, but also from the photos that my friends and family were posting on Instagram while going a bit stir crazy in their homes. As a result, the series of paintings that came from that time are almost dreamscapes of different places and people that I love. ‘A Symphony of Plants’ was made in week eight of lockdown and is an abstract, surreal still life of objects and shapes that depict that moment of stress and also the solace and joy that the homes we have built for ourselves give us even in these crazy times.


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