Kirsty Taylor

Artist statement:

I am a Cultural Manager who has worked in the performing arts sector for over 30 years. My creative practice has included dance, theatre, spoken word and music. I started experimenting with visual art and photography during quarantine, so this is my maiden voyage into the glorious world of exhibitions!


Work statement:

‘Hope Swims Upstream 2020’ highlights an image of light refracting, mirroring my own journey through the Covid-19 prism, a spectral composition of diverse experiences. My personal quarantine journey, across two continents, through time, evolved into an almost dreamlike, transcendent, immersive experience where my ‘sense of self’ floated through the initial greyness of an unchartered path, becoming stronger and more vibrant in a way that symbolised the rainbow of hope used in our Covid-19 era. Light can be invisible and intangible just like the future, and this image speaks in a way that depicts the ‘arts’ with its vital role in society, as a bridge of colourful connectivity, helping make sense of the post pandemic world, conveying how creativity can catalyse new ideas and fresh ways of ‘being’.


Links to websites and Instagram 

Instagram: @kirstytaylorcreative

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