Lara Hailey

Artist statement:

Lara Hailey lives and works in Hastings on the East Sussex Coast. Her practice incorporates Textile, Installation, Text and Drawing. She works with individual and group narratives, transforming personal experiences into works of art. She is interested in documenting unheard voices as a way to record social histories.


Work statement:

Sewn Antidote is a collaborative quilt that reflects participants responses to the global Covid pandemic and the resulting lockdown. The main objective of the project was to provide a shared creative focus and aim to bring people together in isolation. Lara set the brief of making a small circular stitched piece that reflects the participant’s response to the pandemic and the effects of being in isolation. To begin with participants shared their contributions on Instagram to make a virtual quilt.
After receiving 90 embroidered pieces in the post Lara appliquéd them to a quilted organdie and canvas ground. The finished collaborative quilt celebrates the participants creativity whilst providing a social document of their individual lives in lockdown.
Links to websites and Instagram
Instagram: @larahailey_

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