Tobias Little

Artist statement:

I work predominantly with digital photography to reimagine my perspective and perception of the world into something close to reality but more surreal and elegiac. I use Lightroom and Photoshop to toy with tones, colours, and overall atmosphere to inject themes of loneliness, peace, youth & coming of age and love.


Work statement:

I adore painters. The precise use of colours and tones on the canvas of Meredith Frampton’s Portrait of
a Young Woman or the grounded yet misleading perspective of any of Alex Colville’s works leaves me with the unmistakable feeling of passion and awe. A painter’s canvas is filled with their precise worlds: Their beautiful attention to composition and subtle shifts in colours is nothing short of fascinating and inspiring.

Lightroom is my blank canvas. While editing a photo, I am free to paint my image anew and very subtly play with the image’s tones. Studying my favourite painters use of colours and tones continues to help me design satisfying palettes for my photos.

My first image titled Pearl & Mercury touches on themes of youth and innocence which is complemented by the movement of the woman, giving the photo a playful quality—a sense of freedom and nostalgia.

My second image is from a series titled Quarantine Party which deals with feelings on the opposite end of the spectrum. Directly inspired by lockdown as well as Frank Ocean’s song Siegfried, Quarantine Party emotes loneliness and isolation; a melancholic party with one’s self. Together, these two images dance with perfect dissonance.


Links to websites and Instagram 

Instagram: @fe.nce

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