Laura Obon

Artist statement:

I am Laura Obon, a Spanish painter from Tenerife who is fascinated by colour and shapes. I make abstract collages out of paper. I live in London where I develop my career as an artist, exhibit my work and teach Art.


Work statement:

I make abstract collages out of paper. I am driven by the feeling colour creates in me, and by the act of creating a composition by cutting, sticking and overlapping shapes. Collages allow me to change direction quickly, or to add a new element to the composition, while the forms come to life in the making of it. I work intuitively, arranging all the cutout shapes in search of a particular kind of harmony, creating warm spaces with an element of tension. I am interested in the concept of seeing Art as a tool, described in the book written by Alain de Botton and John Armstrong Art as Therapy:

“Art is a therapeutic medium that can help guide, exhort and console its viewers, enabling them to become better versions of themselves”.

I like to think that my collages can be part of such a fascinating process in which they become a useful tool.


Links to websites and Instagram

Instagram: @laura_obon_

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