Tamsin Spargo

Artist statement:

Tamsin Spargo lives and works in London. She studied Fine Art and Critical Theory at Middlesex University and is currently a postgraduate Fine Art student at London Metropolitan University. Her work includes drawing, writing, and sonic art, and has been exhibited and sold internationally.


Work statement:

Tamsin Spargo’s work is an exploration of time and the process and act of drawing. Her work functions as a record of a period of time and of her existence and movements within that period of time. Her works strive for ambiguity and gesture, hinting at the artist’s own physicality and patterns of motion.

The UK going into lockdown when she was six months into a postgraduate degree in Fine Art meant that Spargo lost access to her studio space. The themes of time and existence became more pertinent than ever but the abrupt change to an inappropriate workspace at home necessitated the identification of new ways of working.

Drawing as lightly as possible for fixed periods of time was both a practical consideration but also channelled the realities of life in lockdown – endless hours with very little to show for it, a sense of everything being diluted, and a hopeless feeling of futility. With limited access to new materials during the months of lockdown, these drawings also make use of found surfaces such as envelopes and paper bags.

Links to websites and Instagram

Website: tamsinspargo.wix.com/tamsinspargo

Instagram: @tamsinspargo

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